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The service and personnel were excellent

Hi Michael,

On behalf of my mother-in-law, Dorrie, and her brother, Charles Kern, I want to give you and your entire crew well deserved kudos for the amazing job SERVPRO did cleaning out Chuck's hoarder home here in Fairview.

Dorrie and I are from Va Beach and felt powerless to get this enormous job done, but you and your team (Crew Chief: Craig Jeschelnig and Techs: Amanda, Mandy, Michelle, Ashley, and Aarron) made our impossible task possible. On your survey, I graded the entire project straight 10's but would have gone higher if it was available :)

Most noteworthy to us were;
1. The honesty and integrity of you and your team (we vividly remember being handed loose change and petty cash throughout the 3-day project);
2. The mutual joy your team shared with us when they found another one of our "family treasures" (finding Chuck's 60-yr old tie clip/pin collection buried in 90 cubic yards of refuge was simply amazing!)
3. The sensitivity your team showed towards our "no-win" situation, and their genuine concern for how Dorrie and I were holding up under all the pressures;

I told your team that they matched the customer service standards of Chick-Fil-A (in my opinion the best), and the integrity/honesty standards of USAA Insurance (again, the best in my opinion).

Job well done by exceeding our expectations. We will not hesitate to call you for Phase 2 of our clean-out efforts down the road, and I am more than happy to be a client reference for any job you may pursue with other clients in the future.

Please forward this commendation to your executive staff so you and your team get the credit you earned!

Thanks again Michael.

Wonderful job everyone.
Thank you for all your efforts on another tough job!!

Amazing - Worked solid the whole time


Thanks so much. Mike, I will never forget your thoughtfulness.

Thank you, SERVPRO! All 10's!

Your carpet cleaning crew is awesome! We can’t wait to have them back to clean them again!

Your crew chief put me and my family at ease. He was kind, courteous and informative.

Everyone was so nice, respectful and understanding, especially the marketing representative and contents manager. The guys were nice as well when they delivered my furniture. Last but not least, the office manager was very understanding and compassionate of others and myself. With that being said, thank you so much team! May God bless you all!

They were all very helpful and nice!! They put my bed together also which I really appreciated. Thank you, SERVPRO!